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23 reasons we love Pakistan

Cricket matches and national holidays these are two occasions when we see Pakistanis go all out in expressing their patriotic fervour.

Here are 23 reasons why we love Pakistan.
1) PSL

We actually did bring cricket home!
Pakistani spectators at the final of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) at The Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in Lahore on March 5, 2017 — Aamir Qureshi/AFP

2) The Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation has held the Guinness World Record for running the largest ambulance service in the world. And that’s just one arm of its philanthropic works.

3) Stuffed parathas!

Nutella naan, FTW! We’re not sure if we invented stuffed parathas but we love them like we did.

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4) The United States hasn’t banned us… yet. Yay!

In a latest move to curb terrorist attacks, the US governments has imposed visa restrictions on certain Muslim countries. Luckily, that doesn’t include us Pakistanis.

5) Fawad Khan

Fawad is a fantastic ambassador, making us look good wherever he goes. Plus – he’s united Pakistanis and Indians in their love for a slightly broody bearded heartthrob. Win!

6) Pakola. Enough said.

We’ve definitely added more flavour and colour to the global beverage industry.

7) Our hospitality

Our locals are sooo good at taking care of their guests that tourists forget all the nasty things the foreign press says about us.

Here’s more proof: The woman who travelled to every country in the world says Pakistan is in her top 10

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8) Noor Jehan

No movie was complete without a Noorjehan number — and for good reason.

9) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

From car playlists to wedding events to club mixes, Nusrat’s tracks are ubiquitous.

10) Our highly entertaining politicians

From Sheikh Rashid’s quick getaway to politicians who wish they could do a push-up, we owe it to our pols who keep the news cycle quite interesting.

11) Fire memes

We make AWESOME memes and the world notices. Case in point:

The Independent called Asif and Mudassir’s breakup “the greatest relationship tragedy since Romeo and Juliet”.
12) Mangoes

Our mangoes are like the Koh-i-Noor, errybody wants them, especially people abroad.
Mangoes – Photo by Sahar Habib/Dawn

13) Badshahi Mosque

We have some of the most beautiful heritage sites in Pakistan, one of them being the Badshahi Mosque, it’s no wonder every celebrity is frolicking there to get married.

14) Innovative reporting

Remember Chand Nawab? Yep, we can always count on our local reporters to add some, um, flavour to the 9pm news.

15) Gormint Lady

Have no fear, Gormint Lady is here. She truly represents our awaam, who’s not shy from speaking the truth. In her words, ‘Yeh gormit bik gai hai!’

(The following video contains explicit language.)

16) Abdus Salam

The theoretical physicist won a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979. He also helped set up Pakistan’s first nuclear power plant in Karachi in 1970.

17) Shrine culture

Besides Pakistan’s heritage sites, we can boast of a rich tradition of spirituality celebrated at shrines. From beautifully intricate mosques to Hindu temples and churches, these sacred places are a treat to visit.

18) Samina Baig

She’s the first Pakistani woman to climb all seven highest peaks in the seven continents in just under eight months. Need we say more?

19) We’re taking steps to make gender equality a reality in Pakistan

Ok fine, these might be baby steps but still. The Pakistani government recognised the transgender community and is trying to safeguard their rights by giving them jobs in the public sector and allowing them to identify themselves as a third gender on their CNICs.

In recent years, bills have also been passed that protect women from domestic harassment.
20) Badass women

There is no dearth of Pakistani women who have fought stereotypes and for their rights. Women like Malala, who’s fighting for women’s education in Pakistan; Sabeen Mahmud; who fought to make sure all voices were heard; Maria Toorpakay Wazir, who disguised herself as a boy in order to play squash.

21) Indigenous fashion — so good that it inspires international designers

Be it our famous Peshawari chapals (remember the Paul Smith £300 chappas?), our shalwar kameez (Versace’s Men’s SS16 collection in Milan and not to forget Kendall Jenner wearing a kameez-style dress, our short kurtis and our truck art designs, needless to say, international designers are now looking at Pakistani fashion for inspiration.

22) Our natural beauty

Pakistan’s natural beauty is the stuff desktop wallpapers are made of.

From the scenic mountains up north down to the beaches of Balochistan, the country is dotted with sights that could take anyone’s breath away.

Here are some sneakpeeks:
Nanga Parbat — Ali Abbas Akhtar/Instagram

Astola Island in Balochistan

Hunza’s Attabad Lake

23) Pakistani films are bigger and better than ever before.

From rom-coms and biopics to action flicks and horror movies, the Pakistani cinema industry is well on its way to finding itself again.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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