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On the cards: Imam-e-Kaaba to visit PUC in Lahore

LAHORE: The Imam-e-Kaaba will be visiting office of the Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) in Lahore on April 9 and 10.

PUC Chairman Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi said the grand imam confirmed he will be in Lahore on April 9.

He said PUC was functioning as before and there is no truth to the rumours against it.

He said it would hold the Pegham Islam conference in Islamabad on April 12. Ashrafi said that more than 5,000 religious leaders from across the country in the conference which will give a strong message on topics such as women education and their rights. They will also speak the terrorism of Daesh/ISIS.

About the registration of the PUC, he said it was registered as a religious/political party with the Election Commission of Pakistan. It has 200 members and 197 are with him. “Only three members are continuing a malicious campaign against the PUC.”

He said these rogue elements are playing into the hands of the members of banned outfits and are continuing the campaign against PUC.

Ashrafi added PUC is the only religious party which issued statements to stop the misuse of the blasphemy law.

courtesy : express tribune



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