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Chehlum procession concludes peacefully in capital

Thousands of mourners took part in the main Chehlum procession in the capital on Sunday. The procession was taken out of Markazi Imambargah G-6/2 and ended at the same venue.

The police had sealed all of Sector G-6/2 for the security of the procession. A total of 1,500 police, Rangers and FC personnel were deployed. The bomb disposal squad also scanned the entire procession route in the morning.

On Saturday night, the police had blocked all major roads near Lal Masjid and Melody Market, as well as Fazle Haq and Luqman Hakeem Road, while all link roads and streets linking to the procession route were sealed with barbed wire and concrete roadblocks in the morning.

Armed policemen and traffic wardens were deployed at every corner, intersection and street opening into the procession route.

Though the procession was scheduled to culminate before 7pm, it was delayed and completed its route at around 10pm. The weekly Sunday Bazaar in G-6 was also shut for security reasons, while police checked everyone who visited Polyclinic or Capital Hospital, both of which are situated along the procession route.

As announced, mobile phone services were not suspended at any point.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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