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Chehlum procession kicks off, Security ramped up in Karachi

Security in Karachi was ramped up on Monday as Chehlum processions went underway across the city.

The main Chehlum procession began moving from Nishtar Park at 1:10pm, police said. MA Jinnah road has been cordoned off from Numaish to Tower in order to facilitate the procession of mourners. All arteries leading to MA Jinnah have been blocked using containers.
Chehlum route in Karachi — DIGP Traffic Karachi

Cellphone services have been suspended in parts of Karachi.

Additionally, ‘all-out efforts’ have been made to install mobile phone jammers to restrict use of cellphone services. Sniffer dogs have also been used to ensure security.

In light of the blast in Chaman, Balochistan, Inspector General Sindh AD Khawaja has ordered that the security measures in Sindh be strengthened.

Around 17,950 police and Rangers personnel have been deployed at various points across the city.

These personnel will perform security duty across the metropolis’s three security zones, where small processions will be taken out and majalis held.

Around 100 small processions will be taken out from different areas of the city while 460 majalis will be held in three zones of police in Karachi amid tight security.

As many as 46,300 policemen have been deployed for the security of Chehlum of Imam Hussain across Sindh.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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