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Under-construction building collapses in Multan

A two storey under construction plaza near Multan’s Bosan Road collapsed on Tuesday.

According to initial reports, rickshaws, motorcycles, along with over 25 people are trapped beneath the rubble of the collapsed building, DawnNews reported.

At least four people have been rescued from the debris, and one dead has been transported to Nishtar Hospital.

Rescue sources say it is unclear how many people are trapped.

An eyewitness told DawnNews that the building was a two-storey plaza in which a partition was being installed, which may possibly have triggered the collapse.

Nearby buildings have also been affected by the collapsed building.

An emergency has been imposed in hospitals in the area and rescue operations are ongoing. Heavy machinery has reached the site of the collapse to aid in the rescue operation.

The operation is being hindered due to severe traffic jams. Traffic is being diverted from the site of the collapse.

This is a developing story that is being updated as the situation evolves. Initial reports in the media can sometimes be inaccurate. We will strive to ensure timeliness and accuracy by relying on credible sources such as qualified authorities and our staff reporters.

courtesy : dawn news



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