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Imran Khan misleading nation by twisting facts: PML-N leaders

ISLAMABAD: Leaders of Pakistan Muslim League(PML N) Tuesday reiterated that Prime Minister Muhammad NawazSharif s name was not mentioned in Panama Papers and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan was misleading the nation by twisting facts.

Addressing a press conference, Chairman Privatization Commission Muhammad Zubair said if PTI chief had any evidence, it should share it with the courts rather than creating media hype.

He said PM’s family had always maintained its integrity in business affairs which would be proved before the court as well.

Zubair said Imran Khan had always targeted the country’s institutions, adding fresh allegation was mere an attempt to pressurize the institutions.

He advised the PTI chief to remain confined with legal battle rather creating hype in media.

Zubair claimed that PTI support among people was gradually decreasing and it was evident from the results of all by-elections.

He said since the prime minister’s name was neither included in the Panama Papers nor in flats, money laundering and illegal asset lawyers would plead in the court to remove his name from the case.

He said the Imran Khan released documents to media which was based on the story of the guardian newspaper.

Zubair said they had full confidence on judiciary Election Commission of Pakistan and other state institutions.

MNA Daniyal Aziz said PTI Chairman Imran Khan was a master of U-turns and his claims were pack of lies.

He said both Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen themselves owned offshore companies and now they were hurling baseless allegations against others.

Daniyal said Imran Khan’s frustration was on the rise because he was well aware that the people would reject his politics in the next general elections.

He said PTI had always given forged documents and it had already been published in the Guardian on April 2016.

He also screened the Guardian story on projector for the media. Daniyal said other opposition parties had also parted ways with PTI due to its U-turns.

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