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London’s Tussauds gets to work on Trump wax figure

While London’s Madame Tussauds is showing off work well under way on its waxwork of Donald Trump, its Paris rival has found itself on the wrong side of a bet that Hillary Clinton would win the US presidency.

The Musee Grevin has only just started to create its effigy of Trump but has almost finished its Clinton, after deciding to take the risk the outsider would not win.

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“We are getting to work on it and the sculpture will be ready within six months,” said Yves Delhommeau, acting managing director of the central Paris tourist attraction.

Le Figaro newspaper said the Clinton figure would be put to one side in case of future need.

The clay models of the then Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are seen in a photo handed out on behalf of Madame Tussauds. PHOTO: REUTERS

Across the Channel, Tussauds had already created clay sculptures of the Republican Trump and his Democratic rival Clinton before Tuesday’s election.

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It is now embarking on the full wax figure in time for the January 20 inauguration of the man who confounded the pollsters.

On its Facebook page, Madame Tussauds on Thursday revealed the wax head of the Trump figure, with a specialist hair inserter starting the painstaking work of recreating the tycoon’s distinctive blonde hairstyle.
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