Tuesday , 22 August 2017
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National issues specially karachi the big city in pakistan

We are sorry to say that karachi is no more lightening city of pakistan but some years ago karachi was the very intersting and peaceful city in pakistan, the major reason behing its importance is that its have port for coming goods in pakistan from abroad, these imports and exports are running pakistan, and through out the national these goods are supplying.

Peoples living in karachi with the fear of jobs and many other issues like electricity bill problems, traffic problems and many more there are no any rules in karachi like traffic rules or methods which people living there life. Companies in karachi trying to reach highest number and making money with frauds and wrong strategies, peopes are getting bored so the new technology high end mobile phone are selling very commonly.

If we talk about karachi and pakistan in islamic point of view there is also glitch in people to live like a muslim, after the donald trump make president in united states pakistan. Business economy are also down in stock market and us making new policy for pakistan day by day, pakistani politicians are fighting with each other and others are getting benifit with these fights, everyone running for money, bussiness and property.



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