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Need to eradicate extremism remains pressing: PM

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday stressed the need to overcome extremism.

“During recent years, chaos and unrest has been stoked in the name of religion and people have been killed over petty differences,” Nawaz said while addressing a conference held in connection with the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “Islam was used to sow seeds of sectarianism and fear,” he added.

Over the last three years, this has been curbed to a great extent with centres of terrorism nearly eliminated due to the sagacity and sacrifices of the government, military, police and scholars, the premier said.

“The need to eradicate extremism — premised on self-perceived ideologies employed by the terrorists — remains pressing nevertheless,” he added.

We will fight terror together, says PM Nawaz

This has to be done by the learned, Nawaz said. “We as a nation need to adhere to the Constitution, create a society beyond the differences of caste, creed and religious discrimination,” he said.

“The state should be based on the principles of respect for humanity, all religions, justice and equality,” premier remarked. He added that leveling allegations and abusing others was prohibited in Islam.

Nawaz said following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who gave humanity a charter for peace and coexistence, was the way forward. A model Islamic state can be brought about by deriving inspiration from religion on all aspects of life, he said.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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