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PTI complains about UN inaction on LoC violations

ISLAMABAD: Drawing the attention of United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon towards the ongoing Indian aggression along the Line of Control (LoC), the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has expressed concern over the world body’s inaction over the matter.

“India has continued to attack Pakistani civilians and its soldiers along the LoC and working boundary. These attacks have increased in intensity and in frequency. Shamefully, India has also moved to deliberately targeting innocent Pakistani civilians, including travellers in civilian buses. Yet inexplicably the UN has not moved to stop this brazen Indian aggression,” PTI chairman Imran Khan wrote in a letter to the UN secretary general after a party meeting here on Saturday.

“As a result India has now gone beyond all norms of international state interaction even when states are in a warlike situation — as it has attacked an ambulance with clear markings,” wrote Mr Khan in the letter, a copy of which was released to the media by the party’s media office.

Mr Khan said he had written the letter as the leader of the country’s “second largest political party”, a claim he makes on the basis of the number of votes his party received during the 2013 elections, despite having fewer seats than the main opposition, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), in the National Assembly.
Imran writes to Ban asking him to stop India from carrying out military attacks

The letter draws attention towards the use of violence and lethal weapons against unarmed civilians and laments the “inaction of the UN in the face of a massive abuse of human rights of Kashmiris in Indian occupied Kashmir”. The PTI chief termed the situation a “serious threat to regional peace and security”.

He wrote that India’s continuing refusal to allow UNMOGIP (UN Military Observers Group in India and Pakistan) and the UN Human Rights Observers on its side of the LoC was a clear violation of the UN Charter.

Mr Khan has asked the US secretary general to stop India from carrying out military attacks; ask India to allow UN and human rights observers on its side of the LoC and call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to act against the increasing threat to regional peace.

Later, in a statement, the PTI chairman lamented the state of disarray in the government’s foreign and security policy, which he said, had led to increasing Indian bellicosity and aggression, especially along the LoC and the working boundary.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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