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PTI MNA assaulted in Abottabad by teenager

A Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf (PTI) MNA from Abottabad, Dr Azhar Jadoon, was physically assaulted on Thursday by a member of his rival political group.

The MNA was attacked at a ceremony held to distribute Insaf Sehat Cards.

The attacker, teen-aged student Mohammad Zain, was yelling that he was taking revenge for Dr. Jadoon insulting retired Lt Gen Saleem Ayaz Rana.

Rana had been allegedly pushed and assaulted recently during funeral prayers for victims of a triple murder.

Rana’s followers alleged that their leader had been attacked on the behest of his rival, Dr. Jadoon. Though Rana and Dr Jadoon are relatives, they have turned political rivals recently.

Zain was allegedly manhandled by PTI members before being handed over to police.

While talking to reporters after the incident, Dr Jadoon denied his role in what happened to his political opponent during the funeral, claiming that he is a peaceful person and keeps no enmity with anyone.

courtesy : dawn news



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