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Rangers apprehended 446 ‘target killers’ in Karachi this year: report

Sindh Rangers apprehended a total of 446 ‘target killers’ in 2016, mostly belonging to the ‘militant wings’ of different political groups, according to a report issued Thursday by the paramilitary force.

According to the report, which is focused on the ongoing Karachi operation, Sindh Rangers conducted 1,992 operations across the city over the year through which more than 2,847 suspected criminals were taken into custody.

A break-up of the numbers shows that of the 446 target killers arrested by the Rangers, 348 belonged to various political groups, 87 had links to Lyari gangs, while 11 were affiliated with different sectarian groups.

The report said 26 criminals involved in kidnapping for ransom were also apprehended, and 13 of their abductees were safely brought back.

In the report, the Rangers also claimed that murders and targeted killings in the city hit an all-time low in the year, with 87 people falling victim compared to 199 in the preceding year.

About weaponry recovered during the year, the report says that at least 1,845 arms, including machine guns, light machine guns, sub machine guns, rocket launchers, detonators, pistols/revolvers and explosives, were confiscated in the year.

A total of 194,579 rounds of ammunition of different calibres were also recovered, it said.

courtesy : dawn news



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