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My son is innocent, says father of Pakistani asylum seeker suspected of Berlin attack

The father of the Pakistani asylum seeker, who was arrested in Berlin on suspicion of driving a lorry in to a Christmas market in Berlin, refused to believe his son was involved in the attack and said his son is innocent on Wednesday.

Hassan Baloch, Naveed Baloch’s father, said his son was a daily wage worker employed in the fishing industry in Gwadar.

“Out of frustration and fed up with unemployment, my son went to Germany 17 months ago,” said Baloch.

Hassan, added that he has yet to talk with his son after his release by the German authorities.

“I am simple person, I just have four goats and two cows,” added Baloch.

He also said he has four sons and five daughters, and Naveed is the second eldest son.

The family is a resident of Labnan in Mand tehsil of district Kech in Balochistan.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Pakistani asylum seeker suspected of ploughing a lorry into a Berlin Christmas market was released for lack of evidence.

“The accused, detained over the attack on the Berlin Christmas market on December 19, 2016, was let go on this evening on the orders of the federal prosecutor,” said the German prosecutor’s office in a statement.

Twelve people were killed and almost 50 wounded when the truck tore through the crowd Monday, smashing wooden stalls and crushing victims, in scenes reminiscent of July’s deadly attack in the French Riviera city of Nice.

The mangled truck came to a halt with its windscreen smashed, a trail of destruction and screaming victims in its wake, with Christmas trees toppled on their side, days before the country’s most important festival.

courtesy : dawn news



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