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Suicide attack foiled in Hyderabad

An would-be suicide bomber on a motorcycle was shot dead by Rangers personnel on Hyderabad’s Daman-i-Kohsar road after he lobbed a ‘cracker’ into a nearby graveyard while fleeing, Rangers sources told Dawn on Friday. His accomplice fled the scene of crime.

A Rangers vehicle on patrol near the Amani Shah graveyard signalled for two men on a passing motorcycle to stop, sources said.

The men stopped and one lobbed a ‘cracker’ into the graveyard. Rangers sources said they shot and killed the man who threw the ‘cracker’ into the graveyard. Upon examination, they found he was wearing a suicide vest.

A BDS official shows the detonator found in the assailant’s hand.

The assailant could not be identified, but Rangers sources claimed he appeared to be in his early 30s.

The sources alleged the would-be suicide bomber had intended to target the under-construction imambargah nearby.

A Rangers press release, however, claimed that two assailants on a motorcycle, while attempting to enter the imambargah during Friday prayers, attacked a Rangers mobile with a hand grenade.

Rangers personnel shot the assailant dead. A suicide jacket, arms and ammunition were recovered from the assailant’s body, the statement claimed.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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