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Teen girl allegedly molested in Muzaffarabad

A teenaged girl was allegedly molested by three men, who also took her photos from a cellphone, in a suburban area of Muzaffarabad over the weekend, Dawn reported Monday.

Fourteen-year-old Zahra*, while speaking to the media, claimed she was sexually assaulted by her distant relatives over a property dispute between her immediate family and that of the accused.

Ashfaq Ahmed, Zahra’s elder brother, alleged constable Asghar Ali and his family had been threatening them to give up ownership of a piece of land, some 15 kanals in size, in Nairiyan village, Langarpura Union Council of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

“We got possession of the land in 1995 after swapping it with our paternal uncle,” Ahmed alleged, adding Ali’s family used to graze its cattle there.

“They cannot graze cattle anymore which is why they have developed enmity with us,” added the 21-year-old Ahmed, who works as a domestic servant at a government official’s house.

Zahra’s uncle Yousaf claimed his niece, a student in sixth grade, was in school when Farooq, one of Ali’s sons and a volunteer teacher at the same school, told her to go home before the school was off.

As Zahra left for home, she was intercepted by three men, added the uncle.

“Two of the attackers tore her shirt apart, molested her and took pictures of her from their mobile phone while the third, also a police employee, looked on,” Zahra’s uncle claimed.

“It lasted for about half an hour,” he said, adding the three then fled from the scene.

Zahra corroborated details of the incident and showed the torn clothes to the media.

The family has submitted an application to Garhi Dupatta Police Station Monday but an First Information Report (FIR) has yet to be lodged.

Yousaf alleged the delay by the police in registering the FIR is because the accused are being sheltered by the police department.

“Instead of giving us justice, police is asking us to reconcile with the accused,” he added.

Zahra’s family also met Muzaffarabad Deputy Commissioner Tehzeeb-un-Nisa and provided her with an application narrating the incident.

Nisa verified that the family had indeed met her and that she had told the Garhi Dupatta SHO to register an FIR immediately and arrest the culprits.

“I have also asked the victim’s family to come to me if no progress is made on the part of police,” she added.

courtesy: dawn news



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