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3rd T20I Imad-inspired Pakistan complete 3-0 whitewash over Windies

3rd T20I: Imad-inspired Pakistan complete 3-0 whitewash over Windies

Pakistan continued their winning run under new T20I captain Sarfraz Ahmed as they beat World T20 champions West Indies by eight wickets in the third match to complete the whitewash in the series at Abu Dhabi on late Tuesday.

Set a paltry target of 104, Pakistan were assisted by Shoaib Malik’s unbeaten 43 off 34 balls. Babar Azam (27*) and Khalid Latif (21) also made important contributions.

For West Indies, in the bowling department, debutante Kesrick Williams was the only successful bowler as he accounted for both Pakistani openers Sharjeel Khan (11) and Latif in the same over.

Earlier, Everyone had placed their bet on Pakistan to whitewash West Indies after the hosts restricted the visitors to 103-5.

Sarfraz Ahmed, after opting to bowl first, once again was assisted by Imad Wasim’s magic. The left-arm spinner bagged three wickets in his four overs and was once on a hat-trick in his second over.

Later, pace variation from the Pakistani bowlers did not allow West Indies to run riot against the hosts who were set a target of 104 by the visitors.

No Windies batsman looked to connect the bat with the ball consistently. Marlon Samuels was the top-scorer for the visitors with 42 off 59 balls courtesy only three boundaries.

The Windies innings was composed of only six boundaries and one maximum.

Imad gave only 21 runs in his four overs, with his last six balls reaping 10 runs.

Post-match presentation

Man-of-the-match and Man-of-the-series Imad Wasim: Nothing, I just work hard and keep faith in the Almighty. It is not a purple patch. I read the batsmen’s footing and try not to offer them width. I think I take pride in my batting, I will not let the team down with the bat too.

Carlos Brathwaite: Pakistan are deserving winners. We will try to put in a better performance in the 50-over format. We need to come better in the 50-over format. I got to review my own performance as captain.

Sarfraz Ahmed: First of all want to thank Almighty. Boys worked very hard in these humid conditions. Coaching staff worked really hard on the fielding, batting and bowling. Our focus was to not be complacent and we were targeting a 3-0 win. We didn’t want a good team to stand back up on its feet. All bowlers bowled well. I try to keep things simple. I am hopeful we will win the ODI series too.

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Over 15.1: PAK 108-2

Malik completes 3-0 whitewash for Pakistan in style. @TheRealPCB beat @westindies by 8 wickets https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/8lDVEeDMvf

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Captain Brathwaite.

Over 15: PAK 102-2

Narine goes for five runs and Pakistan need only two runs for the whitewash.

Over 14: PAK 97-2

GREAT SHOT! Malik with a brilliant drive past mid-off. PAK 97-2 (14) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/ifvfRCRrT2

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

FOUR! Full-toss and Malik beats the fielder https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/kcMIjYw3gm

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Smiles all around as Shoaib Malik is beaten by a slow ball by DJ Bravo https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/Go23b3IPm2

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

DJ Bravo in for his last over.

Over 13: PAK 86-2

Sunil Narine goes for four runs in his over.

Over 12: PAK 82-2

FOUR! Babar Azam off a bad ball from DJ Bravo. PAK 82-2 (12), need 22 runs only https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/ZMVbzsb9D0

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

DJ Bravo.

Over 11: PAK 72-2

Singles and doubles – Pakistan get seven off the over.

Sunil Narine.

Over 10: PAK 65-2

Only four runs off his over.

DJ Bravo now.

Over 9: PAK 61-2

FOUR! One of the two boundaries by Malik off Brathwaite. PAK 61-2 (9) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/ozkeXXtUIN

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Captain Carlos Brathwaite now.

Over 8: PAK 49-2

Four runs scored off his over by Shoaib Malik and Babar Azam. He ends with figures of 4-15-2.

Williams in for his last over. What a debut for this guy.

Over 7: PAK 45-2

Spin time! Sunil Narine is in. Only five off the over.

Over 6: PAK 40-2

THE BALL & THE DANCE! Something to cheer for the Windies. Latif (21) departs https://t.co/HC66rsX15r #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/gI6JSnhn1r

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

CAUGHT BEHIND! Debutant Kesrick Williams accounts for the dangerous Sharjeel Khan. PAK 36-1 (5.1) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/LQnYIfngRU

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Williams now.

Over 5: PAK 36-0

FOUR! Sharjeel with his second boundary of the match. PAK 36-0 (5) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/em9Ow6mka7

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

DJ Bravo replaces Taylor.

Over 4: PAK 30-0

Only four off his over.


Over 3: PAK 26-0

FOURx3! Short and Latif goes towards square leg. Three boundaries on the trot in the same region. PAK 26-0 (3) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 pic.twitter.com/wSMLfCREIP

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

FOURx2! Same region, this time towards the right of short fine leg. Taylor to Latif https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/tMC0btbBI3

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

FOUR! Consistency problems. Three dots and then a loose ball. Taylor to Latif https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/EdyyZOvPqR

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Taylor in for his second.

Over 2: PAK 14-0

Three runs off the last over.

Kesrick Williams now. Starts with three dots, two more.

Over 1: PAK 11-0

Sharjeel starts 104-run chase with a boundary. Follows it up with this off Taylor https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/JlexlvSUhH

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Jerome Taylor with the ball, Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif with the bat. With only 104 to chase, will Pakistan come out all guns blazing?

Over 20: WI 103-5

Last ball and Amir’s smile tells the story of the match. Pakistan have dominated @westindies once again. Target: 104 https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 pic.twitter.com/g3u0N9SzQG

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

In the box, on the ground! Amir to Samuels. WI 103-5 (19.5) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/UqJXiDMGmX

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Amir bowls the last over.

Over 19: WI 98-5

Three runs only. You don’t expect THAT from the world champions.

Tanvir to bowl the penultimate over.

Over 18: WI 94-5

Only four runs off the over. This doesn’t look like a World T20 champion West Indies side. Politics ruining the show for West Indies – as always.

Amir again.

Over 17: WI 87-5

FOUR! Samuels gets a loose ball and he makes it count. Midwicket it is. WI 87-5 (17) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/tbEzA7LzDN

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Samuels itching to go big but Pakistan’s change of pace hasn’t allowed him to https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/hTrgQOhVHb

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Sohail Tanvir for his third.

Over 16: WI 77-5

Only two off the over. Good bowling from the youngster in his debut match.

Rumman Raees in for his third.

Over 15: WI 75-5

Only four runs off his over.

CHANCE! Falls just short of Umar Akmal at Gully. WI 75-5 (15) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/xTuFXEJdtf

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Amir back for his second over.

Over 14: WI 71-5

Pakistani fans happy to see good performances from their team https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/hzt53gvSVp

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Only four runs off Rumman Raees second over.

Over 13: WI 67-5

OUT! Promised so much, delivered so less. Pooran caught by Malik on the fence off Nawaz. WI 66-5 (12.4) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/iJx0VH88Pc

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

SIX! Is that coming down anytime soon? Pooran to Nawaz https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/AlztJ1jd6O

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Nawaz on now.

Over 12: WI 58-4

Look at that seam position from the youngster Rumman Raees. Sweet! WI 58-4 (12) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/ll73gP0dyC

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Rumman Raees receiving his T20I cap from legend @waqyounis99 https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/8Y9YkZqx7r

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Rumman Raees – the debutant – comes on to bowl now.

Over 11: WI 54-4

Ten runs off the over by Imad. Haven’t seen that in the whole series.

FOUR! Samuels cuts and that too hard to beat the cover fielder.

Imad in for his last over.

Over 10: WI 44-4

FOUR! Amir dived but couldn’t stop the ball. Samuels adds one boundary in his account. WI 44-4 (10) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/KvkRJaNMY3

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Shoaib Malik in for his second. Sarfraz relying on spin again.

Over 9: WI 36-4

Three runs and the third wicket for Imad.

BOWLED! What has this guy been eating? Imad on a roll against @westindies. Bravo (11) walks. WI 31-4 https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/cdmBOafxIi

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Imad to Bravo.

Over 8: WI 31-3

Three runs off the over.

Shoaib Malik rams into Bravo at the non-striker’s end. No damage done! https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/TNn8CKRHHk

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Shoaib Malik with his off-spin now.

Over 7: WI 28-3

Only two from the over.

Nawaz with his left-arm spin again.

Over 6: WI 26-3

SHOT from Bravo! Boundary from cover. WI 26-3 (6) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/bcZkbILkNe

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Mohammad Amir has the ball now after resting in the first two matches. He got married recently.

Over 5: WI 21-3

FOUR! Bravo nudges it towards fine leg.

Two Windies veteran out on the crease now – DJ Bravo and Marlon Samuels.

RUN OUT! Windies lose Fletcher due to a confusion. Good take from Sarfraz though! WI 17-3 https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/BweuH8A0qj

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Another left-arm spinner in action – Mohammad Nawaz.

Over 4: WI 16-2

Only three runs off his over.

Sohail Tanvir.

Over 3: WI 13-2

HAT-TRICK missed! Marlon Samuels defends one from Imad. WI 13-2 (3) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/ZkR6I6mnXW

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

BOWLEDx2! One more for Imad Wasim. He is on a hat-trick! Walton departs https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/DqFNz7SQKN

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

BOWLED! This is a replay of what Imad has been doing to the Windies. Charles (5) departs https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/FsvEUZzS38

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Imad once more.

Over 2: WI 12-0

Sarfraz fumbles, Charles survives. WI 12-0 (2) https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/Iwi5F7d1GJ

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

FOUR! Sohail bowls on Fletcher’s legs and the Windies opener beats short fine leg https://t.co/HC66rteCu1 #PAKvsWI pic.twitter.com/1MjFJcAt8V

— Tribune Sports (@ETribuneSports) September 27, 2016

Sohail Tanvir is the second new-ball bowler.

Over 1: WI 6-0

Six runs off the over. Windies, impressively, not relying on boundaries from the word go.

Imad Wasim once again has the ball in his hands for the first over. Johnson Charles and Andre Fletcher are going to open the Windies innings.


Sarfraz Ahmed: We will bowl first. We hope to make it 3-0 today.

Carlos Brathwaite: Looking for better utilisation of powerplay. We have a lot of pride to play for; a lot of fans waiting for our win. Two changes.

.@realshoaibmalik after the 2nd T20I #PAKvWI #YehGameFansKiHai pic.twitter.com/ujG3irfWT7

— PCB Official (@TheRealPCB) September 27, 2016

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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