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Asian Beach Games Soul-searching time for jiu-jitsu team

Asian Beach Games: Soul-searching time for jiu-jitsu team

KARACHI: Pakistan’s jiu-jitsu athlete Muhammad Ammar revealed it was a disappointing campaign for him and his compatriots at the recently concluded 2016 Asian Beach Games in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Ammar, who was a gold medallist in the previous edition in 2014 and one of the senior players in the team, believes it was pressure and stress that got to the team.

Asian Beach Games: Jiu-jitsu athletes add two more medals

The Pakistan jiu-jitsu team managed to win the most medals for the country — two silver and five bronze — but missed out on gold for the first time in four years.

They had won two gold and three silver medals in 2014.

“It’s disappointing and heart-breaking too,” Ammar told The Express Tribune. “I don’t blame anything other than the fact that we fell short and there’s no excuse for that. I’m just looking for one more opportunity to prove that we can regain our reputation as the top team in Asia by December, when we will be going to the Asian Championship.”

2016 Asian Beach Games: Flurry of medals on opening day

Ammar said the players only reached the Asian Beach Games venue a night before the event due to immigration and flight issues.

“We were under immense stress,” said Ammar. “We missed our domestic flight in Vietnam as it took time to get our visas on arrival. We had to wait almost 12 hours before catching the next plane, so of course we were very worried and tired by the time we got to Da Nang.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation President Khalil Ahmed termed it a disappointing result, saying the federation will now hunt for new players and will be reviewing results from the games.

“We need to have self-accountability,” said Ahmed. “We were given all requisite facilities by the Pakistan Sports Board, but the results were not as good as the last time, so we’ve decided to be stricter with our goals now. We’re also skipping the world championship next month due to this result.”

The official added that they are now aiming to improve Pakistan’s ranking at the Asian Championship in December.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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