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Azhar departs as Pakistan push for a decent total

Azhar departs as Pakistan push for a decent total

After levelling the four-match Test series 2-2 under Misbahul Haq’s captaincy, team Pakistan, led by Azhar Ali, now play against England in a five-match ODI series.

England will also see a change of captain as Eoin Morgan will lead the ODI side against Azhar and co.

Azhar ready for England after Ireland washout

The first ODI is all to take place at Southampton with the England captain expecting batting pitches as the weather will be warm and dry in the country due to late summer.

“It will be a very tough series against Pakistan, especially as the recent weather means conditions may suit them more than they suit us initially. It is a good test leading into the winter,” believes Morgan.

Meanwhile, Azhar thinks if Pakistan can turn their A game on, they will prove to be tough opponents for the hosts.

Now or never for Pakistan in ODIs

“We have very good potential in one-day cricket also, we’ve certainly got belief,” said Azhar. “It’s really important going into any series, you need to have belief and trust in the ability of the players. If we bring our A game we definitely will compete and beat England.”

In the meantime, enjoy Emmad Hameed’s piece on what to expect from Pakistan during the ODI series.


Pakistan: Azhar Ali*, Sharjeel Khan, Mohammad Hafeez, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Sarfraz Ahmed†, Mohammad Nawaz (3), Imad Wasim, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Amir, Umar Gul

England: AD Hales, JJ Roy, JE Root, EJG Morgan*, BA Stokes, JC Buttler†, MM Ali, CR Woakes, AU Rashid, LE Plunkett, MA Wood

Over 42: PAK 217-4

Eight runs off Wood’s over.

With the double, Sarfraz reaches his half-century. A very well composed innings.

Mark Wood to continue.

Over 41: PAK 209-4

10 runs off Woakes’ over, a good one for Pakistan.

FOUR! Sarfraz hits one through deep mid-wicket region for a boundary.

Chris Woakes to continue.

Over 40: PAK 199-4

Eight runs off the over.

FOUR! Sarfraz comes down the wicket smashed one through mid-wicket region for a boundary.

Mark Wood to replace Adil Rasheed.

Over 39: PAK 191-4

Five runs off the over.

Chris Woakes to replace Liam Plunkett.

Over 38: PAK 186-4

Just five off the over.

Rasheed to continue.

Over 37: PAK 181-4

Just three off the over.

Plunkett to continue.

Over 36: PAK 178-4

Five runs and a wicket in the over.

OUT! Finally, Azhar’s laboured innings of 82 comes to an end, and even after late acceleration, he departed with the strike rate of just over 74.

So apparently, former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has some advice for the captain, who is still struggling to find the middle of the bat.

Rasheed to continue.

Over 35: PAK 173-3

Six runs off the over.

FOUR! Azhar hits one down the ground for a boundary.

Plunkettt to continue.

Over 34: PAK 167-3

Nine runs off the over, a good one for Pakistan.

FOUR! Azhar Ali walks down the crease and lobs one over mid-off for a boundary.

Rasheed to continue.

Over 33: PAK 158-3

Seven runs off the over.

FOUR! Azhar scores his third four after completing half-century, this time through mid wicket region.

Liam Plunkett comes on to bowl in place of Moeen Ali.

Over 32: PAK 151-3

Six runs off Rasheed’s over.

FOUR! Finally, Azhar shows some aggression and hits one down the ground for a four.

Rasheed to start his sixth over.

Over 31: PAK 145-3

Five runs off Ali’s seventh over.

Moeen Ali to continue.

Over 30: PAK 140-3

Six runs off Rasheed over.

FOUR! Azhar sweeps one through square leg region.

Rasheed to continue.

Over 29: PAK 134-3

Just two off Ali’s over.

And finally, Azhar Ali reaches his fifty in the 29th over of the innings, and after facing 84 balls. Let’s hope he gets a big one for Pakistan.

Ali to continue.

Over 28: PAK 132-3

Four off Rasheed’s over.

Rasheed to continue.

Over 27: PAK 128-3

Four off Ali’s over again.

Moeen Ali to continue.

Over 26: PAK 124-3

Seven runs of Rasheed’s over, a good one for Pakistan.

FOUR! Sarfraz gets his first boundary through deep mid wicket.

Rasheed to continue.

Over 25: PAK 117-3

Four again Ali’s over.

Vice captain Sarfraz Ahmed joins his skipper in the middle.

Moeen Ali to continue.

Over 24: PAK 113-3

Five runs and a wicket in the over for Rasheed.

OUT! Adil Rahseed get his man. Babar departs after scoring 40.

FOUR! Babar pulls on through deep mid wicket for a boundary.

Adil Rasheed to continue.

Over 23: PAK 108-2

Four again from Moeen’s Third over. It seem’s like Pakistan is missing a trick here by going slow against spinners.

Moeen Ali to continue.

Over 22: PAK 104-2

Just four of Rasheed’s first over.

Adil Rasheed comes on for the first time.

Over 21: PAK 100-2

Six runs off Moeen’s second over.

FOUR! Down the leg side and Babar glides it for a boundary.

Moeen Ali to continue.

Over 20: PAK 94-2

Five runs off the over.

Azhar Ali is clearly struggling, and it would be a disaster for Pakistan if he gets out after consuming all these deliveries for very few runs.

Mark Wood to continue.

Over 19: PAK 89-2

Five runs off the over.

Moeen Ali comes on for the first time.

Over 18: PAK 84-2

Just two runs off the over.

Mark Wood to continue.

Over 17: PAK 82-2

12 runs off the over, and a good one for Pakistan

FOUR! Babar Azam hits one through the extra cover region for a boundary.

Joe Root to continue.

Over 16: PAK 70-2

Five runs off the over for Pakistan.

Mark Wood returns for a second spell

Over 15: PAK 65-2

FOUR! Babar receives a short ball outside off and punches it towards covers.

Joe Root again.

Over 14: PAK 57-2

Plunkett goes for two runs in his over.

Over 13: PAK 55-2

Babar Azam joins the captain in the middle.

OUT! Hafeez (11) sweeps and is caught at deep square leg. A lose shot from the man not in form.

Joe Root, again!

Over 12: PAK 52-1

FOUR! Another leg glance and another boundary for Azhar Ali.

Plunkett on.

Over 11: PAK 47-1

Just three runs off Root’s off-spinners.

Morgan must be crazy! He has given the ball to Joe Root instead of his specialist spinner Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid.

Over 10: PAK 45-1

FOUR! Short again and Hafeez goes for the same region again. Can he find his form in this ODI?

LBW appeal on Hafeez! On-field umpire says no. Third umpire upholds his decision.

FOUR! Short and pulled towards square leg by Hafeez. Classy shot!

Plunkett in for his second over.

Over 9: PAK 37-1

FOUR! Azhar goes between midwicket and mid-on to find the fence.

Woakes in for his fifth over.

Over 8: PAK 33-1

FOUR! Just a faint nudge towards fine leg. Buttler got a hand to it but couldn’t web it. Another life for Azhar!

Liam Plunket introduced. Replaces Mark Wood.

Over 7: PAK 27-1

DROPPED! Azhar Ali put down by Alex Hales at Gully. He is nodding his head that he couldn’t see the bowl.

Woakes runs in.

Over 6: PAK 27-1

Mohammad Hafeez joins Azhar Ali in the middle.

CAUGHT BEHIND! Sharjeel Khan (16) pulls at a short delivery and edges it to the keeper. Umpire says it out. Left-hander reviews but unsuccessfully.

Mark Wood again.

Over 5: PAK 25-0

FOUR! Sharjeel not holding back. It was tad fuller and he slammed it towards midwicket for good.

Woakes in for his third. Sharjeel faces.

Over 4: PAK 18-0

Just four runs off the over.

Wood to Sharjeel now.

Over 3: PAK 14-0

FOUR! Azhar cuts it hard and the ball flies over the slips fine of the third man.

Woakes in for his second.

Over 2: PAK 8-0

FOURx2! Wood? Who wood? Sharjeel pulls one short delivery towards midwicket. Follows it up with an inside edge towards fine leg.

The bowler Pakistan should be afraid of, Mark Wood, has come on to bowl.

Over 1: PAK 0-0

Maiden over for Woakes.

Azhar Ali and Sharjeel Khan open for Pakistan as Chris Woakes comes on to bowl the first over to the captain.


Pakistan have won the toss and elected to bat first against England in the first of the five-match ODI series.

Azhar: “Weather is good. We would like to put up a good score on the board. (Going to number 1 in Tests) is more of an inspiration.”

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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