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Basit Ali allegedly slaps ex-cricketer over TV criticism

Former cricketer Basit Ali has been accused of slapping a fellow former cricketer Mahmood Hamid in alleged retaliation over some criticism directed at him during a recent TV show.

Hamid, the complainant, has claimed that he had questioned Basit’s selection policy on TV, at which Basit got so enraged that he slapped him when the two crossed paths during the National One-Day Cup match between SNGPL and SSGC at the National Stadium in Karachi.

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In a video message, the victim says that if Basit disagreed with his viewpoint, he should have presented his rebuttals on TV instead of getting physical with him.

“The SNGPL coach Basit Ali is a thug; he can criticise anyone, but when his own conduct is questioned, he can’t take it,” said a visibly upset Hamid.

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“Attiquz Zaman is witness that he raised his hand on me when the only thing I did was question his selection criteria,” he added. “I did not retaliate because I am an educated person, but I will take up this matter with PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan and I will also ask him why he has appointed a person who has a tainted past and can’t handle criticism.”

Basit, meanwhile, has denied Hamid’s accusations.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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