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Basit relieved of PCB duties post Hamid scuffle

Former Test cricketer Basit Ali on Monday was relieved off his duties as the head of junior selection committee and head coach of women’s cricket team, according to Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) media release.

“The PCB chairman, Shaharyar Khan, has relieved Basit from his duties in regard to the women’s team and junior teams,” read the media release.

Basit Ali allegedly slaps ex-cricketer over TV criticism

“The chairman’s decision came after he had separate meetings with Basit and Mahmood Hamid in Karachi following an alleged brawl between the two. Although the two had reconciled, Basit admitted to intent to physically harm Hamid,” it further said.

The issue came to light during a National One Day Departmental Cup match where both former cricketers were involved in coaching their respective sides. Hamid accused Basit of slapping him in alleged retaliation over criticism directed at him during a TV show.

Another turn in the Basit-Hamid scuffle

Shaharyar then went to Karachi to see the semi-finals of the event and also held individual meetings with the two parties.

“Board empowered me to take a decision on Basit and Mahmood,” Shaharyar had said while addressing media at National Stadium Karachi. “I talked to each of them independently. I listened to both sides of the story. Both of them have buried the hatchet.”

Basit Ali close to signing extension with women’s team

He added: “I have the power to take a decision now. I will talk to other board members in Lahore before deciding anything. We will not be lenient about physical violence. There is no witness of the event.”

However, the decision does not enforce any ban on Basit regarding his future coaching assignments with PCB or any other teams.

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