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Big Data Is Coming To Sports, Former NBA Commissioner Says

Big Data Is Coming To Sports, Former NBA Commissioner Says

By Heather West in Los Angeles

The 24th employee of the NBA, and a leader known for turning sports leagues into brands when he served as the league’s commissioner between 1984 and 2014, David Stern, told Mergermarket on Monday: “Big data is coming to sports.”

Acknowledging the Golden State Warriors as one of the teams leading the charge, Stern explained how the sport is changing with the increasing use of wearable technology, sabermetrics, as used in baseball, and the analysis of statistics and physiology to optimize performance.

This trend has spilled into other areas including the now crowded wearable fitness device space, for example. “There is lots of competition,” said Stern, who was in Los Angeles to present on a panel of business leaders in sports at the Milken Institute Global Conference. He noted that wider applications for the technology are being developed.

Mergermarket recently interviewed Fitbit CFO Bill Zerella, who acknowledged that the wearable fitness device field had become crowded, with Nike, which formerly made the FuelBand product, deciding to exit the wearable hardware space in April 2014.

Fitbit’s current goal is to acquire technology and premium software businesses in the health and fitness space. In addition to counting calories, devices can also help users lose weight, achieve better sleep and manage stress, Zerella noted.

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