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Javed Miandad, Shahid Afridi bury the hatchet

Javed Miandad, Shahid Afridi bury the hatchet

KARACHI: After a week of fiery exchange of allegations and counter allegations, former Pakistan captains Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi have buried the hatchet after meeting at a mutual friend’s place in Karachi.

Miandad had stirred a storm when he claimed that Afridi was a ‘fixer’ who had sold the country on the cricket pitch and he had caught him red-handed during his coaching tenure more than 15 years ago.

“Afridi is like a younger brother,” said Miandad in the video message. “And I have already stated that everything is finish from my side. A lot of things happen in the heat of the moment. And I know that Afridi is still unhappy with a few things I said but I take all my words back.”

Former T20I captain then continued the conversation and said that since the legend has taken his words back everything is fine now.

“I am happy to meet you,” said Afridi. “I never wanted you to say sorry to me because you are elder to me. You have taken your words back and that is enough for me and all my fans. I am also sorry for all things that I said and that might have hurt you.”

Match-fixing, mud-slinging no more

The feud started when Miandad had claimed on a TV channel that Afridi was asking for a farewell match to end his international career as part of a monetary deal with the PCB, however, when Afridi was asked a question on his intentions and Miandad’s claim during a book launch last Sunday he shot back at his former coach.

Afridi had said Miandad was the one who always had money on his mind and that was the main difference between him and former captain and legendary all-rounder Imran Khan.

Withdraw from fixing allegations or face legal action, Afridi tells Miandad

Many former players and legends of the game like Imran and Wasim Akram asked the two parties to cool-off after Afridi threatened legal actions against Miandad. The outspoken all-rounder also met his lawyer in this regard last night but the meeting today has seemingly diffused the tensions between the two.

The video and pictures released show the two sitting together closely and placating each other besides expressing their regret for their preposterous behaviour.

The pair also exchanged sweets.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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