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Record-holder Daham promises to help Pakistan’s drifters

KARACHI: One of the finest drifters in the world, record-holder Ahmad Daham, hopes to teach the purveyors of his skill in Pakistan the tricks of the trade.

His aim is to help Pakistan’s drifters compete on an international level, and to do so he will be holding a Red Bull Car Park Drift workshop in Lahore on December 28, he revealed in a press briefing in Karachi on Sunday.

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“We have only two Pakistani drifters in the UAE (the hub of car park drifting) which is a very small number. I am here to teach them the techniques and the right modifications for their cars so they can compete internationally,” Daham told The Express Tribune. “They all have cars and talent too but need to be told how to use them both simultaneously.”

The Guinness World Record holder for the longest twin drift, Daham will be visiting Lahore on December 28 to conduct a workshop for registered drifters.

Daham said car park drifting has its own unique requirements. “This type of drifting doesn’t require high horse power cars only 400 horse power cars are enough if modified and used with the right technique. These types of cars are famous in the Middle East. In the rest of the world, they prefer normal drifting and that requires minimum 1,000 horse power cars,” he said.

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The two-time Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional Champion in 2014 and 2015 Middle East said he is eager to meet the drifters of Pakistan, especially after being impressed by their videos on YouTube. “I can’t wait to meet the drifters and drifting fans of Pakistan,” said the Iraqi drifter.

He also said that he will also be teaching drifters what safety measures to adhere to and how to use roads and tracks for drifting since both require different techniques. “Once they learn how to drift and modify their cars, I will come back in 2017 with my own car to drift with them,” he promised.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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