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Is this why Apple has delayed the launch of its AirPods?

The iPhone 7 managed to irk Apple fans for a myriad of reasons. Prominent among them was the absence of a headphone jack and its replacement with what are said to be annoyingly small AirPod headphones priced at $160.

Initially planned to release after the iPhone 7 launch in September, its release was delayed. According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, the reason for this appears to be a Bluetooth technical glitch.

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The report argues that the reason behind the delay boils down to Apple’s ability to make sure each earpiece receives a Bluetooth signal simultaneously. Most standard Bluetooth headphones function with one earpiece receiving the Bluetooth signal and then transfer it over to the other.

Apple is trying to alter the process by having both earpieces receive the same single at the same time. This will significantly reduce distortion when AirPods are used.

Elaborating on the delay, Apple stated it “needed a bit more time” to streamline the product into the market. With the tech giant facing the wrath of the public for replacing the much-loved headphone jack, the delay doesn’t bid well either.

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Apple is yet to announce a final release date but rumours suggest that the Airpods may be released in January.

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This article originally appeared in Thrillist.

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