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This Chrome extension stops you from wasting time on Facebook

We all are perhaps accustomed to wasting time on Facebook once we open our News Feed. Viral videos, memes and a host of other content that often deviates our interest from tasks considered more productive.

As unproductive as the News Feed often becomes, other parts of Facebook, like Groups and Messenger, are considered extremely useful for school or work.

To regulate our time on Facebook towards the productive aspects of the social media platform, what we need is either a disciplined social media routine or an app that could implement routine for us.

If you can’t control stop yourself from looking at adorable cat videos for hours like us, than Todobook is the answer you are looking for. It is an entire ecosystem of tools dedicated to making people more productive on Facebook does just that.

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While you’re whiling away time on your News Feed, Todobook redirects you to your work.

This Chrome extension replaces your News Feed with a simple to-do list where you add tasks and upon completion you mark them done. If you are successful in finishing all your tasks for the day, you “unlock” five minutes of News Feed time.

While displaying the to do list, the extension hides Facebook’s notifications tab, which is probably the most distracting element on the site. However, if you really need to get up to date with today’s viral post then you can simply click on the “quitter” button on the bottom left corner of the list to access your News Feed.

“I love News Feed, I just want a more healthy relationship with it,” Ian McCrystal, Todobook’s founder and developer told Mashable. “So I wanted a way to keep up my productivity while still having access to the less-distracting parts of FB. I had tried blocking entirely in the past, but that doesn’t work. Facebook delivers too much social value to block it entirely. Now, I can use it while staying productive.”

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Todobook helps keep a great balance between keeping your access to Facebook and leveraging it to make you more productive. It does border on intrusion of your freedom towards social media, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need in a more productive manner.

You can download Todobook from here

This article originally appeared on Mashable

courtesy : Express Tribune



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