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Google Pixel hacked by Chinese team within 60 seconds

A team of Chinese hackers were able to hack into Google’s latest flagship device Pixel and it took them less 60 seconds.

The incident took place at PwnFest, a hacking competition in Seoul, South Korea. A team of white-hat hackers, known as Qihoo 360, demonstrated an exploit that allowed for remote code execution on the Pixel. Using a zero-day vulnerability, the hackers remotely installed the code on Google’s sought-after device in just less then a minute.

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The team launched Google Play Store and then Google’s mobile version of Chrome on the device using the exploit before displaying a messaged that read “Pwned by 360 Alpha Team”.

Qihoo 360 won a cash prize of $120,000 for the hack. It seems Google need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to patch the vulnerability.

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Besides hacking Pixel, the team also demonstrated vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and a decade-old exploit that inexplicably still works on Adobe Flash. For all their day’s hard work, Qihoo 360 was awarded $520,000 in cash prizes.

The article originally appeared on The Next Web

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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