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iPhone lockscreen hack can put your messages, photos at risk

It is often argued that iPhones are lot more secure than their Android counterparts, but to everyone’s shock Apple’s smartphones might not be as secure as everyone think. A new video uploaded by the popular tech YouTuber iDeviceHelp shows how potential hackers can access a passcode protected iPhone by exploiting a glitch in its security protocols.

What’s more worrying is that the hack can circumvent an iPhone with even the most difficult passcode and can access users contact information, message logs as well as private photos.

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The exploit works on iPhones that have Siri enabled on the lock screen and are backed up with user details such as whom the phone belongs to and its caller ID. All hackers need is physical access to the phone.

Meanwhile, if the phone is in locked state, hackers can obtain your caller ID by simply asking Siri: “Who am I.” The ID will then be used to call the iPhone via FaceTime from another iPhone. This in turn allows man in possession of the phone access to iMessages without having the need to unlock it.

Then, using a simple trick where hacker double-tap the contact info bar and hold the second tap on the bar while simultaneously clicking on the keyboard. This would give hacker access to contacts and photos on your phone while it is still locked.

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Models that can be hacked using this security glitch include iPhone SE, 6 Plus and 6S Plus with iOS 8.0 or higher.

Users are advised to strictly flow Apple security protocol and further protect themselves by disabling Siri in locked mode.

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Courtesy : Express Tribune



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