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Is ‘love’ posted to your timeline? Here’s what Facebook thinks

Facebook has always been a ‘wee bit creepy’. From friend suggestions to taking note of people in photos using facial recognition, we all have had some rather unsettling experiences while using the social networking site.

Things look set to get even trickier with the social media giant having perused relationship data of selected users in connection with a series of blog posts. The research was undertaken to look into interactions between couples before and after they entered into a relationship.

Is Facebook reposting old pictures without your permission?

According to a Facebook post, users made an increasing number of posts on each other’s walls 100 days prior to changing their relationship status on the site. Couples on the verge of becoming “official” had a large number of posts preceding the relationship change.

“Relationships start with a period of courtship: on Facebook, messages are exchanged, profiles are visited, posts are shared on each other’s timelines,” the post reads.

Facebook noted that 12 days prior to entering a relationship, the number of posts shared by users went as high as 1.67 per day. This, however, gradually fell to 1.53 posts per day 85 days into the relationship. The fall can be presumably attributed to rising real life interactions taking the place of online ones.

Moreover, the gradual fall in posts is accompanied with an uptick in positivity levels following the initiation of a relationship, according to Facebook. Words such as like, love, nice and happy dominated posts while negative words like hate, hurt and bad stood significantly reduced, according to the findings.

Now that’s an interesting insight on relationships and social media, whatsay?

courtesy : Express Tribune



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