Tuesday , 24 October 2017
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Mobile phones are selling in pakistan

As you know mobile phones are very commonly selling in pakistan people thinking about upgrading there phone to show offs and for faster speed, many phones in market with a lot of specification are available like apple, samsung, oppo, motorola etc.

High end mobile phones disadvantages are the people are no more physical routine and headache are very common, youth facing insomnia problems also because they can’t sleep if not using mobile minimum for ine hour at bed, no any activity in there physical life.

Selfie is also is a feature in youth lives now adays, if girls or boys going to park for exercise then they also taking a selfie with there smart phone for uploading to social media to show there friends and compare with others.

Mobile phone companies are fighting for highest selling compitition like samsung and apple and others, they have lot of technologies but they are showing in market only few hardware specification phones for selling more mobile phones and upgrading after sometime so this strategy making money for these types of companies.



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