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Prisma unveils location-based photo feed

After Facebook decided to launch Prisma like artistic filters, the latter has responded by adding its own newsfeed type image feed.

What is different is that Prisma’s feed isn’t simply a chronological list of posts but rather a location-based system. The company’s algorithm makes the posts within the vicinity of your area bumped up on the feed.

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It then follows a Facebook styled approach where the posts with more likes are given priority.

If your post becomes popular, the algorithm automatically translates that popularity to boost the reach for your next post, meaning each of your following posts will reach a greater audience owing to the popularity of a previous post.

Unlike Instagram, who abandoned the maps feature, Prisma has a new map view that tracks images across the globe. Tapping on a location helps you view images in and around the area.

Apart from this, Prisma is introducing a full-screen camera along with doubling your resolution from 1080 x 1080 to a max of 2300 pixels on the longest axis.

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These features are limited to iOS users for now but an Android version is on its way.

This article originally appeared on The Next Web.

courtesy : express tribune



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