Thursday , 24 August 2017
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Slack takes on Skype with new video calling feature

Slack is stepping up its game. After launching voice calling feature, cloud-based team collaboration tool Slack has gone a step ahead and introduced video calling.

Slack users can now have one-to-one or group video calls without having to leave the service.

The move is expected to further decrease the reliance on Skype within a workplace. Slack has been responding ever since Microsoft launched its in-house service called “teams”.

Microsoft’s teams has the advantage of being able to integrate with Microsoft 365 and Skype along with One Drive, whereas Slack enjoyed no such association.

Slack and Google are now partners at work

Last week, Slack announced its partnership with Google. With this partnership, Slack will be able to incorporate Google Drive along with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides together with a new Google Drive bot just made for Slack.

Currently, video calls are available on the latest desktop versions for Mac and Windows, as well as on Google Chrome. The feature is not available on Slack’s mobile app.

The new feature is expected to be available for all users in a few days.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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