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This weapon can destroy entire fleet of drones in one shot

The US military has declassified details of an anti-air device that is capable of taking out multiple drones in a single shot. Dubbed as Phaser, the UAV killer uses external radar systems to locate targets and then shoots a wave of radiation powerful enough to fry control systems on board the drone rendering it useless.

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The new air-defence system is based on the rifle-style DroneDefender concept revealed last year. However, the idea behind the device has been amplified to a microwave-emitting dish which sits atop a shipping container containing diesel generator as the power source.

The proliferation of commercial drones has become a cause of concern with numerous instances of commercial UAVs trespassing restricted air space and shutting down airports. Militants have also sought the use of commercial drones to mount attacks by arming them with hand held grenades.

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Phaser’s advance technology then makes it capable of not only taking out drones, but all electronic devices that have a circuit and lie within its effective range. This would include tablets, computers, targeting systems or even cars speeding towards checkpoints.

The device entered its testing phase as early as 2013 and was declassified only recently though further specifications, like maximum range haven’t been revealed.

This article originally appeared on Engadget.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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