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Website designing and earn money from them

Everywhere in pakistan people are struggling for creating website and earn money from there website but no any kniwledge about this, today i will tell you detailed steps to crete website and earn money from it.

1. First you think about what is the name of website like if you want to give a service to viewers like entertainment for example: songs , wallpapers etc then create name the url is just for an example.

2. Now you purshare a hosting, there are many hosting providers in pakistan, thats sure your website is zero visitors if you starts first time so you purshare shared hosting it costs aprrox 3000 rs per year.

3. Now create website from wordpress, wordpress is easy and very strong free tool to create website, now publish post for your concern like if you have songs website then post songs step by step and day by day.

Now how to earn money from website.

1. If you are a freelancer and knowledge about development and coding so you can sell websites to others.

2. Other things are advertisement, like google adsense, apply google ads on your website and generate money from them nd collect from google, like google there are more companies pays for advertisement like chitika, ezoic, yahoo and more.

3. For making money from advertisement you need a lot of traffic to generate handsome money from google and others, and how to generate traffic in you website this is the most dangerous question.

4. You must configure your website seo well so your website can find at google search engine and traffic comes from google, also you can generate traffic from social media like facebook etc, we will tell you in next article about how to configure seo and how to generate more traffic to your website for make money.



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