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Dr.Ayesha’s death defying Dare In Over The Edge

Dr.Ayesha’s death defying Dare In Over The Edge

Health Insurance for International Students in the UK

If you do not qualify for full NHS treatment, you will need to get private medical insurance, as private health care can be very expensive. If you have an accident or fall ill, only emergency treatment will be provided for free. Even if you do qualify for NHS treatment, you may still want to get medical insurance. If you get a policy that allows you to have private health care, you will be able to avoid the NHS waiting lists and get the treatment you need faster.

Aside from medical expenses, there are all sorts of other costs you’ll have to take into account. If you fall ill, you’ll lose the fees you paid if you don’t complete your course. You may also need to pay for a relative to visit you, or for you to return home for treatment.

You may already be covered if you have medical insurance in your home country, so check with your provider to find out if you need extra cover.

For students coming to the UK from the USA, your student health insurer may already cover you abroad, so make sure you check with them to see if you need additional cover in the United Kingdom.

Endsleigh Insurance

Endsleigh offer great insurance at a cheap price specifically for students. Click on the image to check out their insurance offers, or for more information about Health Insurance, have a look at our Guide to Insurance here.

There are four types of insurance you might need: personal property insurance, medical insurance, motor insurance and travel insurance. If possible, you should sign up to these before you arrive. That way, you are protected right from the start of your stay. However, if you do not have insurance when you arrive, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources in the UK.

Medical Insurance

The UK has a National Health Service (NHS), which provides free health care for its citizens. Most foreign students can also get free treatment, but there are many exceptions. Our NHS section explains everything.

If you discover you are not entitled to full free treatment, you will need to get medical insurance to pay for any medical treatment you may have. Even if you are entitled to free treatment, you may still want to get medical insurance to pay for private treatment, as NHS waiting lists are often long.

Health International Student Insurance

This great insurance is specifically for international students. If you get seriously ill, it will cover your course fees, pay for a relative to travel over & pay any medical bills.

contents Insurance

This covers your possessions against damage and theft. Sadly, some thieves target students, especially those living in halls of residences. You are also at risk from fire, breakage and other accidents. Therefore, you should take out insurance on anything valuable, such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops and bicycles. If you are living in student accommodation, insurance may be included in the price. Ask staff whether there is a policy, and what it includes.

Personal Property Student Possessions Insurance

Endsleigh are a UK insurer that specialise in students. Theirs is the only insurance provider recommended by the National Union of Students. It is both very cheap & has a low excess, saving you money all round.

Motor Insurance

It is illegal to drive in the UK without motor insurance. This is because if you cause injury to another person or damage their vehicle and the accident is your fault, you may be held legally responsible. This means you may be ordered to pay for the damage. Taking out insurance means that if you cannot pay the money, the insurance company will.

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