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Excellent Performance Of This Kid Make You Insane

Excellent Performance Of This Kid Make You Insane

Excellent Performance Of This Kid Make You Insane

Kids is a 1995 American teen drama film written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark. It features Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce, Rosario Dawson, and Jon Abrahams, all in their film debuts.

Kids is centered on a day in the life of a group of sexually active teenagers in New York City and their unrestrained behavior towards sex and substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs) during the height of the AIDS epidemic in the mid-1990s. The film generated a massive controversy upon its release in 1995, and caused much public debate over its artistic merit, even receiving an NC-17 rating from the MPAA. It was later released without a rating.

Ruby and Jennie mention that they were recently tested for STDs at Ruby’s request, though Jennie only got tested to keep Ruby company. Ruby’s test is negative, though she has had multiple sexual encounters, many of them unprotected. Jennie tests positive for HIV. She says she has had sex only once—with Telly. Jennie spends the rest of the film trying to find Telly, to prevent him from unknowingly infecting any other naive girl, as Telly has taken to only having sex with virgins. Telly and Casper walk to Telly’s house and steal money from Telly’s mother, who is preoccupied with taking care of the new baby. They go to Washington Square Park and buy a dime bag of marijuana from a Rastafarian. They then meet up with a few friends, one of whom gives a blunt-rolling tutorial, to talk and smoke. As they do, Casper and many others taunt a homosexual couple passing through the park. On the side, Telly briefly talks to Misha, a girl who strongly dislikes Casper, calling him a jerk. As Casper rides on a skateboard, he carelessly bumps into a man, who furiously threatens him. He pushes Casper, but is struck in the back of the head with a skateboard by Harold (Harold Hunter), a friend of Telly and Casper’s, causing him to collapse. A number of other skaters join in, beating, stomping, and hitting the man with their skateboards until he is rendered unconscious by a final blow to the head by Casper; Telly then spits on the man.

While discussing whether or not they killed the man at the park, Telly and some of the group from the park pick up a 13-year-old girl named Darcy (Yakira Peguero), the younger sister of an acquaintance, whom Telly wants to have sex with because she is a virgin. He convinces her to go with them to a pool. The other girls engage in pseudo-lesbian kissing and flirtation, but Darcy is restrained, though not shocked by the others’ behavior. Telly and the group go to an unsupervised party at the house of another friend, Steven (Jon Abrahams).

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