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Extra Hair removal with salt on face Must

Extra Hair removal with salt on face Must

Yes, I still miss those silly jokes of her which was later turned into complaints and fussiness. She was then started to ask me tons of questions about his insolence and impudence and that was when I just felt that her naughtiness and happiness were fading somewhere gradually. I wish I could speak so I would rather tell her that how much he had changed her, how I and her family love her, that she means a lot to us then why she is wasting her life over him? Why she couldn’t get that she is an eternal hope of her parents and she has a lot on her plate to do. Did her parents raise her for this? I wish I could tell her that she is the only relish able one of her parent’s eyes and she shouldn’t devastate her precious life over an unknown as no one CARES except her loved ones…

Every day I am fading inside by looking at her parents. I don’t why her parents do not used to exchange their words now? Why this house became so silent? Have she left this house? Or….or…..or she left this w…wo…world?

My pages has started to deplete gradually, I think I’ll turn into ash soon. These blue blooded parents are now shedding tons of limpid tears but I can clearly feel those unseen blood which used to shed along with them. I can’t able to find that how anyone can be so traitorous like her as she left her parents just in sake of whom, who has even gulped her childhood or teen life. Was she the only one born with feelings? Was she the only one got that aesthetic sense, due to which he attracted towards him as according to her he was the most beautiful creature on the earth. Does her parents are just made of soulless mud? Do they can’t feel? Were they not the aesthete of her? Haven’t they praised every little thing of her? Her first cry, first walk, first spoken word and what not? Do they deserve this? Does loving someone really means being unfaithful to rest of the world? I don’t know who would solve these bundles of crosswords of mine. I want to fill my own pages with this story of self-obsession or I wish I could able to write a letter to god to bless them with another daughter having a true-blue heart unlike her and wanted to see those curves on their lips again. I feel my heart is evanescing as this fade-out of beautiful curves into moist blobs became unendurable to me. I am looking for some termites to eat me. I wanted to become their food instead of this view of darkness; the view that is killing every single thing exists around it with an axe of silence and tears.

WELL, I am locked up in this stifling place and can’t able to figure her out, that where she has gone. It’s my dear yearn to meet her again, to taste that bluish juice of her pen again and moreover, I don’t want any other diary to be like this nor anyone of you to be drown in like her.

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