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I Love Both Khan’s Reham Khan In Live Show

I Love Both Khan’s Reham Khan In Live Show

Khan was born to Dr. Nayyar Ramzan, a Pakistani physician. She is ethnically a Hindko-speaker of the Lughmani clan, a sub-section of the Swati tribe. Her family hails from the village of Baffa, lying 15 km west of Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Her parents moved to Libya in the late 1960s, where Reham was born in Ajdabiya in 1973. She has one sister and one brother.

She is also the niece of Abdul Hakeem Khan who was a former governor of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and former Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court.

Khan has a Bachelor Degree in Education from Jinnah College for Women, Peshawar

She married Ejaz Rehman (Spelling variants include Ijaz), her first cousin and British psychiatrist, when she was 19. Following their divorce, Khan began working as a broadcast journalist. She has three children who have lived with her since the divorce.

Courtesy : Wikipedia



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