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If Najam Sethi’s Daughter is in a Lift with Imran Khan, What Would She Do

If Najam Sethi’s Daughter is in a Lift with Imran Khan, What Would She Do

Physical devices

Elevator or lift, a device used for raising and lowering people or goods
Rack lift, a type of elevator
Ski lift, an aerial or surface lift for uphill transport
Space elevator, a hypothetical structure for transporting material from a planet’s surface into outer space
Wheelchair lift or platform lift, a powered device to assist a person in a wheelchair
Patient lift or Hoyer lift, mobile lift, ceiling lift, or patient lift, a lift to assist a caregiver for a disabled patient
Forklift, a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials short distances
Body lift, an adaptation (of fixed height) to lift the automobile body from the frame
Suspension lift, a modification raising the suspension of the automobile

Science and technology

Lift (force), a mechanical force generated by an object moving through a fluid
Lift (soaring), rising air used by soaring birds and glider, hang glider and paraglider pilots for soaring flight
Lift (data mining), a measure of the performance of a model at segmenting the population
Lift (web framework), a Web application framework for Scala, which runs on the Java Virtual Machine
Lift coefficient, a coefficient that relates the lift generated by a lifting body to the fluid density around the body, the fluid velocity and an associated reference area


Lift (mathematics), a morphism h from X to Z such that gh = f
Homotopy lifting property, a unique path over a map
Covering graph or lift


Elevator shoe, an insole device that makes a person appear taller
Plastic surgery, surgery to lift the skin
Rhytidectomy or face lift, a type of plastic surgery
Mastopexy or breast lift, a type of plastic surgery


London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT)
De Lift (The Lift), a 1983 Dutch horror film by Dick Maas


Lift (band), a German rock band
Lift (Audio Adrenaline album) (2001)
Lift (Love and Rockets album) (1998)
“Lift” (Poets of the Fall song), (2004)
Lift (Sister Hazel album) (2004)
Lift (Shannon Noll album) (2005)
“Lift” (Shannon Noll song)
Lift (Sean Tyas single) (2006)
“Lift”, an unreleased song by Radiohead
Retake or lift, a symbol used in musical notation

Other uses

LIFT (nonprofit), nonprofit anti-poverty organization
Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT), nonprofit that provides legal information in New York State
Lift (soft drink), a brand of carbonated beverage produced and marketed by the Coca-Cola Company
Airlift, in logistics, the act of transporting people or cargo from point to point using aircraft
Figure skating lifts, movements in pair skating and ice dancing
Hitchhiking, a form of transport in which the traveller tries to get a lift (or ride) from another traveller
Lift, a special type of arrow in the video game engine StepMania

See also

Deadlift, a powerlifting exercise used in weight training
Belt manlift, a belt with rungs and steps for moving people vertically
Lyft, a ridesharing company

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