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This fearless Indian man catches King Cobra like a boss

A man in south India’s Kerala state has dedicated himself to an extremely dangerous and uncommon profession for over almost three decades.

Vava Suresh, as his mother lovingly calls him, has been rescuing venomous snakes, including the deadliest King Cobra, for the last 27 years.

“Catching snakes and rescuing them by safely transporting them back to their natural habitat has been the sole obsession of my life,” he told Filmy War.

Vava Suresh. PHOTO COURTESY: filmywar.com

The 41-year-old, who is a resident of Sreekaryam town in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district, has been given a title of ‘the Snake Man of Kerala’ by locals who have witnessed him charming the poisonous reptiles for ages.

When animals attack

According to Zee News, Suresh has rescued over 50,000 snakes till date.

“Whenever I go to rescue snakes from people’s homes, 90 per cent of the time I do not get paid for it,” he says.

“It is because those people are poor. How can I ask them for money? Snakes only enter into poor people’s homes. Have you ever seen a rich man’s house infested by snakes?”

Here is a video of Suresh catching a mammoth King Cobra like a boss:

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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