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Tulip Inn Hotel Apartments

Tulip Inn Hotel Apartments

This attractive design building hotel is situated in Bu Daniq Area at Sharjah. Bu Daniq Area is occupying a central position in the Sharjah. Tulip Inn Hotel Apartment, the modern style hotel, is one of the top hotels in Sharjah.

This bulging hotel has the home-like amenities for the guests. The guest of this modish hotel can expect the luxurious features. This hip hop hotel has compelling artwork and chic architecture.

This is an extraordinary hotel which offers the variety of the features. It is the lucrative hotel which carries the nice comforts, nice looking hotel very close to the notorious locations of the city such as Megamall, Sharjah International Airport, and Dubai International airport.

Rooms of this palatial hotel is features with ceiling fans, books, DVD players, Video mollifies, and tenacious boards. Each room of this chic hotel has the designer hangings, gripping windows, and shining floors. This hotel also provides free of cast Wi-Fi and parking in site. Guests can enjoy the extreme services including the iPod and free local calls.

The guests of Tulip Inn Apartment have the access to the breakfront, kitchenette, microwaves, freezer, wine glass and tea/coffee maker. Compelling washrooms are presented with the guest’s room. The bathroom is so spacious and airy and equipped with all necessity of toilets.

is the hotel’s main restaurant, open all day and serves international food buffets style and a-la-carte. Tulip inn Apartment also provides the spa services and meeting rooms for the professional guests, indoor mini pool and minibar also available in this point.

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