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Two legs calf birth Surprises Punjabi Farmer

Two legs calf birth Surprises Punjabi Farmer

Buffalo calf born with two legs has surprised Punjabi farmer and lot of other at a remote town in Punjab. The calf born with two rear legs and was in good health at animal hospital. Thousands of people have rushed towards the farmhouse the see the miracle of Allah with the calf.

The buffalo calf with two legs walks with little difficulty but has appeared living normal other than that. The doctors at the Punjab animal hospital have examined the calf and found it completely in good condition, there was no other medical problem in the calf. Several circus owners have contacted the Punjabi farmer to purchase the miraculous calf.

However, the Punjabi farmer has refused to sell the miracle calf to any circus. The circus owners were willing to take the animal to biggest circus in Punjab. They had given the information about the two legs calf by the staff at the animal hospital. The hospital staff often sells information about rare animals to the circus owners for money.

It has often seen that the staff at the animal hospital cheats every Punjabi farmer in different ways. Often hospital staff changes the animal babies brought by the farmers in Punjab for medical treatment. However, receiving complaints from the farmers, the veterinary department has made several changes in the treatment of animals.

The animals brought at the animal hospital from anywhere in Punjab are tagged with unique coded marks. After tagging and special marks, the problems of farmers have resolved considerably. However, still there has been a lot more to be done for the betterment of Punjabi farmer.

Courtesy : iam92.com



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