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Youngsters in university hostels

Youngsters in university hostels, The wisdom of the students of Pakistan is widely known by the people around the globe. It is a matter of reality that Pakistani scientists amazed the world by their marvelous achievements. Different types of splendid experiments are being done by the students in the country.

Recently, one of the wonderful experiments is done by a student in Lahore. According to the details, a student has done an experiment about the extraction of petrol from tissue paper. The name of that brilliant student is Zainab Bibi. She successfully extracted petrol from tissue papers.

It is one of the moments of proud for the nation that the Queen of United Kingdom announced to award the student with “Young Leader Award”. The Queen recently appreciated the efforts of the talented student. She is currently at the age of 26 years and she will be awarded in 2016.

Zainab Bibi gave an interview with a private news channel. She said that she can extract 6ml petrol by using 1 kilo gram tissue paper. Zainab Bibi is the first youngest woman in Pakistan who is being awarded with Young Leader Award. She further told about her experiments in details.

During her interview, Zainab Bibi said that the same process can be done into practice at mass level. Government should encourage the concerned departments to adopt it for commercial purposes. Zainab is also working for different organizations in Pakistan and America.

Courtesy : Yahoopak.com



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